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Mindfulness For Teachers and Students

Mindfulness At Home 

Join us for our new 20 week online program that offers interactive activities and guided lessons to bring more mindfulness to parents and children. This is a perfect way to integrate mindfulness into your home schooling program during the pandemic. (Free 30 day trial available) 

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WISE Schools Online Mindfulness Program

Join us for a year long online program that offers you interactive activities and lessons to bring more mindfulness programming into your classroom. The WISE* program (*Wellness through Intrapersonal, Social and Environmental Education) provides you with multiple ways to nurture mindfulness in your classroom.

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Free Daily Mindfulness Intentions For Schools!

Sign up for your free daily intention email from mindfulness trainers, Keith Macpherson and Charlotte Jackson that will give you a positive way to start off your school day for yourself and your students. (Intentions are available in both English and French).

Des intentions de pleine conscience gratuites pour les écoles!

Inscrivez-vous pour des intentions gratuites des entraîneurs de pleine conscience, Keith Macpherson et Charlotte Jackson. Commencez la journée à l'école avec une attitude et une perspective positives.

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