Mindfulness Education for Schools


Our Purpose and Mission

  • To develop resilience in children by teaching specific character building traits.
  • To develop self-regulation in children by teaching specific emotional intelligence skills.
  • To develop 21st century skills that connect across curricula
  • To develop aptitudes and attitudes that help your students become caring, confident and compassionate people who recognize that we are all interconnected and an integral part of the natural world.

Digital Lesson Plans

Download themed intentions, practice activities and extension activities. 

Mindfulness Theme-Based Topics

Twenty scaffolded topics from gratitude and compassion to learning with a growth mindset.

Guided Visualizations

Guided mindful moments for teachers and students.

The Checked-In Classroom Curriculum

Created for grade 2-8 teachers who want an inclusive, self-regulated, and resilient classroom culture. The Checked-In Classroom is a fully digital on-line curriculum that uses timeless techniques to teach self-awareness, kindness, and inner strength.

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