Character Building Education 


Our Purpose and Mission

  • To develop resilience in children by teaching specific virtues and character-building traits
  • To develop self-regulation in children by teaching emotional intelligence skills
  • To develop Global Competencies that connect across curricula
  • To develop aptitudes and attitudes that help your students become caring, confident and compassionate people in a diverse world
  • To develop awareness that we are all interconnected and an integral part of nature

Digital Lesson Plans

Download ready-to-use intentions, practice activities and extension activities. 

Character-Building Topics

Teach virtues with twenty modules that promote living a healthy and well-balanced life.

Guided Visualizations

Enjoy pre-recorded mindful moments for both teachers and students.

The Checked-In Classroom Curriculum

Created for grade 2-8 teachers who want an inclusive, self-regulated, and resilient classroom culture. The Checked-In Classroom is a fully digital on-line curriculum that uses timeless techniques to teach self-awareness, kindness, and inner strength.

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