About Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds Schools was founded by Charlotte Jackson and Keith Macpherson. Hearts and Minds offers teachers various resources to bring character development and global competencies into the classroom and school environment. 

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Charlotte Jackson

The curriculum was developed by Charlotte Jackson, B.A., B. Ed, Post Bacc. (Special Ed and EAL). Charlotte has taught for over 30 years with experience in all elementary grades (K-6). She currently works as a Special Education teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is also a highly trained mindfulness educator, a certified yogi, a certified forest school teacher and the author of a children’s book about mindfulness called “Finnigan’s Bliss”.  

Keith Macpherson

Keith Macpherson (B. Ed, CPCC) is a Professional Certified Life Coach, yoga instructor, Motivational speaker, author, and Mindfulness facilitator. Keith radically changes lives with the power of his words and intentions. He embodies the meaning of mindfulness and uses his talents for the greater good. Visit Keith at KeithMacpherson.ca

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