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The Checked In Classroom

The Checked In Classroom is a digital mindfulness program for grades 1-6 that creates a joyful and peaceful classroom community that is safe, inclusive and co-regulated. It allows you to provide your students with a warm, nurturing learning environment and helps you to show them how much you care.

 Twenty user-friendly modules provide you with teacher scripts, discussion questions and a variety of accessible activities help you easily present each lesson with very little preparation and no prior training.

 Themes, which are based on essential character traits, are supported by beautiful audios and visuals that allow both you and your class to relax, listen to guided meditations, and reap the calming emotional benefits.

 Individual and group activities help to reinforce concepts. They build 21st century skills, may connect to curriculum, and develop aptitudes and attitudes that help your students become caring, confident and compassionate people who recognize that we are all interconnected and an integral part of the natural world.

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Daily Intentions E Book
By Charlotte Jackson and Keith Macpherson

Designed to start your day with a positive quote to bring more kindness into your school. 
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Finnigan's Bliss
By Charlotte Jackson

“Finnigan’s Bliss”is a children's book written by Charlotte Jackson that teaches heartfulness and mindfulness. It is a calming story, about a delightful little goat who shows children how to live every day with a sense of bliss. Written with rich vocabulary and catchy, predictable word patterns, the endearing characters in this story teach valuable life lessons such as emotional regulation, appreciation of the present moment, compassion and friendship.
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Making Sense of Mindfulness
By Keith Macpherson

In Making Sense of Mindfulness, Keith Macpherson offers an accessible, solid, five-step framework that demystifies the buzzword “mindfulness” and offers a legitimate formula to help combat the high stress levels and anxieties that plague daily life. Come back into balance as you discover the tools and techniques to successfully integrate and sustain a daily practice of mindfulness in your life. It’s time to discover how to live your best life.


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