About Pono Life Schools

Pono Life Schools is a community founded by Keith Macpherson and Charlotte Jackson. Pono Life Schools offers teachers various resources to bring mindfulness and positive programming into the classroom and school environment. 

Over the course of a thousand years, the Hawaiian people developed a deep understanding of their universe. 
Out of this profound awareness grew ways of living in balance with the natural world. “Pono” is the ancient Hawaiian word that describes this state of harmony. It is about being true to yourself and those around you, finding your own gifts to share, and feeling that you are part of a greater whole. 
“Pono” can be much easier to see in action than to describe in words. A volunteer helping to clothe and nourish the homeless, a teacher inspiring a child to make a difference, a group of students organizing a community clean up, a good deed done selflessly, or a smile to brighten someone’s day. These are all examples of “Pono Life”.

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Meet The Team

Charlotte Jackson

Charlotte is a special education teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is committed to teaching children how to live heartfully (with a loving heart) and mindfully (with a peaceful mind) in order to help them develop their sense of resiliency, positivity, kindness and compassion.

Keith Macpherson

Motivational speaker, author, and Mindfulness Leadership Coach Keith Macpherson, radically changes lives with the power of his words and intentions. He embodies the meaning of Pono Life and uses his talents for the greater good. Visit Keith at KeithMacpherson.ca

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