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The Checked-In Classroom Online Program

Created for grade 2-8 teachers who want an inclusive, self-regulated, and resilient classroom culture. The Checked-In Classroom is an on-line program that uses timeless techniques to teach self-awareness, kindness, and inner strength, so they can learn, and you can breathe.

Twenty user-friendly modules provide you with guided meditation videos, teacher scripts, discussion questions, and activities. Minimal preparation and no prior experience with the material required. It’s literally click and go!


Lessons are scaffolded to build on previous learning and an array of extension activities reinforce concepts. Time required and scheduling for core sections are flexible, taking as little as 45 minutes a week.

 For more depth, many extension activities also link to general curricular outcomes and provide assessment opportunities for busy teachers including:

  • Interpersonal Skills - listening, group work, and problem solving
  • Science - nature based inquiry
  • Language Arts – journaling, poetry, letter writing, and public speaking
  • Visual Arts
  • Social Studies - self, home and community
  • Health - social emotional well-being

 Every extension activity is also categorized by the 21st Century Skills it helps develop:

  • Connectivity
  • Citizenship / Culture
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking


What is Included?

20 mindfulness lessons for students in grades 2-8 which include:

  • Theme based modules teaching positive character and disposition
  • Mindful intentions that prompt class discussions
  • Projectable visuals for setting a calming mood in the classroom
  • Scaffolded, guided audio mindfulness practice for both students and teachers 
  • Differentiated hands-on activities for older and younger students
  • Additional extension activities for more in depth learning
  • Integration of nature-based activities 
  • Geared towards grades 2-8 
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