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WISE Schools Online Mindfulness Program

* The WISE Program is a year-long online program that offers teachers and students access to interactive classroom activities and lessons to bring more mindfulness programming into the curriculum.  
* The WISE program (*Wellness through Intrapersonal, Social and Environmental Education) provides teachers with multiple ways to nurture mindfulness in your classroom. 
* Every second week during the school year, the WISE program will drip out a new mindfulness lesson that sequentially builds upon one another.
* Lesson themes will include: Gratitude, Compassion, Self Esteem, Growth Mindset, Feelings and Emotions, Forgiveness, Peace and Contentment, Adapting To Change, Generosity and many more. 
* Each lesson has a mindful intention around the theme of the week and then includes: fundamental understanding , a guided meditation audio, practice activities, and extended activities.

What is Included?

20 mindfulness lessons for students in grades 1-8 which include:

  • Theme based modules teaching positive character and disposition
  • Mindful intentions that prompt class discussions
  • Projectable visuals for setting a calming mood in the classroom
  • Scaffolded, guided audio mindfulness practice for both students and teachers 
  • Differentiated hands-on activities for older and younger students
  • Additional extension activities for more in depth learning
  • Integration of nature-based activities 
  • Geared towards grades 1-8 
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Free Lesson On Compassion

Receive a free module of lessons from our WISE Program on Compassion. This will give you a sense of how easy this program is to use!


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